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” Patricia I want to thank you for allowing me to take the Reiki Workshops for I, II & III. I feel this form of healing is something I have been searching for all my life. I’ve always wanted to help myself and other people in many ways, but could not find the way that felt right to me. Reiki is the right way for me. It offers help and healing for all. I found all your Reiki Workshops and students wonderful. Rarely have I enjoyed the learning experience so much, I really enjoyed your teaching style. You taught us a lot in a very fun and casual way. There was so much positive energy in those rooms that I could not, but be very affected. So many things have shifted since my initial attunement (nearly four years ago), it would be difficult to write them all.

But just to contextualize, I did Reiki 1, as I was a man in love and I hoped that it would help my turbulent relationship. Looking back now, it did help, but I did not utilize its power to its full extent (for the obvious reasons e.g. lack of belief, being negative, etc.). I did Reiki 11 during a horrible breakup and I credit it with keeping me somewhat sane in that period. Since then I have become more and more enthusiastic with the ability of Reiki to quieten my mind and more importantly the minds of others. When I do Reiki on others, I have felt that I have gained much more than I had a right to expect. These feelings are so nebulous that it is difficult to explain why, but if it feels so right then one must stay on the road. Most importantly, I have started to see a more interesting and disciplined life path open more clearly in front of me–filled with possibilities–whereas before, (although I was aware of it), it too often seemed distant and unattainable. I feel a definite increase in daily peace and joy. Life makes more sense and I don’t feel as trapped within my own obsessions. In my own experience, deep-seated feelings of inferiority and a racing mind have been replaced by increasing self-acceptance, self-confidence and a calmer spirit as a result of performing Reiki on myself. Of course, this is a dynamic process that I have to keep working on, I no longer expect big changes, small incremental steps suit me just fine. Even more exciting are the healing effects experienced by others for whom I have done Reiki. I have repeatedly observed that anxiety is calmed and then replaced with deep relaxation. My belief is that if you are relaxed you can observe your personal situation with more detachment and with a more positive perspective, oftentimes this is half the battle if you want to change your lifestyle. I find it very liberating that the practice of Reiki does not depend upon my internal emotional state or level of spiritual advancement, of course, I believe it helps when you are grounded, but unfortunately, that is not a constant state for me and I suspect the vast majority of people… In conclusion, I heartily recommend Reiki, to all who are curious, as a gentle, nonintrusive and effective healing method. I would doubly recommend Patricia as your teacher/guide.”

Paul Civil Servant

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