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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I don’t have any specific problems. Am I still a suitable case for Reiki treatments?

Reiki works intelligently and in harmony with your body. Even if you are not aware of illness, Reiki will find any that is there and treat it. As Reiki always treats the whole person and not the disease, it does not require a specific diagnosis to be helpful.

However if you are fortunate enough to be truly in good health you can still gain benefit from a Reiki session. It can add to your relaxation levels, reduce your susceptibility to disease by strengthening your immune system and help you to be more creative.

Reiki is always totally complementary and therefore will adapt to the state of your body at that moment, thus always taking into account any treatment. With regard to medication, Reiki will reduce the severity of any possible side-effects. This can make other treatments and medication more effective.

Returning for sessions approximately once every three to six months should ensure you stay in good health. However, if you find yourself becoming stressed or note any signs of previous problems returning, then you should book a session immediately.

A reiki session normally lasts one hour, after which the client should feel very relaxed.

Most people start on the reiki path because they have benefited from a reiki healing or know someone who has. Those that learn reiki generally wish to help themselves to a better state of health. Some may have already experienced significant results from reiki healing and feel becoming a channel for the reiki energy is a natural progression for them. Those who wish to use reiki mostly on themselves and a few close family members generally find that first-degree reiki is sufficient for their needs. Those who wish to work in public practice should be attuned to at least second-degree reiki.

Being attuned to reiki energy allows you to take more responsibility for your own health. It stimulates your life, setting you back on the right track. Reiki opens your heart too, allowing us to feel more compassion and to have more understanding and sensitivity for those around us. This increases self-confidence and our ability to trust.

Self-treatment is an important part of reiki. The power of reiki is the same whether received from yourself or someone else.

Distance/Absentee healing can be just as effective and is marvellous for those who wish to be treated overseas or perhaps in another part of ones town or country. Only Reiki Masters and Level II practitioners are qualified to carry out distance healing. It is just as powerful as seeing the client in person.



Reiki & Neuro Linguistic Programming – 1 hour €60

Reiki & Hypnotherapy – 1 hour €60

Reiki & Angel Healing – 1 hour €60

Counselling/Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for
Relationships, Stress, Confidence, Phobias
1 hour €60



Email –


Griffith College, 25 Wolfe Tone Street, Dublin 1

You will love studying Reiki in the very modern and quiet Griffith College which is right in the centre of Dublin.

The College is easily accessible by public transport with the Red and Green Luas lines just minutes away, and is well-served by the buses that stop on O’Connell Street and the quays along the River Liffey.  Dublin bikes is on our doorstep. For car users you can park in parkrite carpark on Parnell Street and get your ticket validated in College (€10 per day).

There is a lovely canteen.  You can bring in your own lunch or if you wish you can go out for lunch.  Students usually love to stay in for lunch and have great banter in the canteen during lunchtime.  There is always a very happy and relaxed atmosphere in all of Patricia’s Workshops.  Look forward to making new likeminded friends.

There are lots of restaurants and coffee shops nearby.

Patricia supplies tea/coffee and biscuits for morning breaks.

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