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The word “Chakras” is Sanskrit and means “wheel”. Chakras are ‘energy centres’, which receive, transmits and transforms universal life force energy or ki. There are seven main chakras, and each relates to a set of organs and endocrine glands. The 7 chakras in human body are located in a line along the length of the head and torso of the body.

Each Chakra is an area of intensely focused and concentrated energy. Clairvoyants see chakras as spinning vortices or wheels. A chakra acts as a focus, drawing in universal energy in all its aspects – mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. The chakras convert the energy collected into hormonal, nerve and cellular activity. The more energy collected, the more active the body and the better we feel and look.

A chakra can become blocked through emotional upset, conflict, loss, trauma, fear, anxiety and stress. When a chakra becomes blocked, it can no longer collect the energy it needs to feed the body.

This has a direct effect on the surrounding chakras, as they are all interrelated. The state of the chakras influences the state of the associated organs and endocrine glands, causing a physical illness or emotional imbalance.

The collected energy from the chakras reaches the organs and glands through a series of energy pathways and fine threads of energy known as the meridians

True health means having an open and balanced chakra system so that our mind, body and spirit work in harmony and we are open to life.

Many of us only exercise one part of ourselves, our body, mental processes or emotions. This means we spend our lives living only through one or two chakras – the ones that we feel most comfortable with.

Crown Chakra Top of your Head Purple Upper Brain Eyes Sense of wholeness. It channels Reiki into your other Chakras maintaining balance
  • I am happy calm and relaxed
  • I am very healthy in my mind and body
  • I am courageous and confident
  • I am inspired and motivated
  • I am always very lucky
Third Eye Chakra Middle of your forehead Violet Lower brain, nose ears Intuition Wisdom Spiritual awakening
  • I trust my intuition
  • I trust my inner guidance
  • I trust that part of me which is very wise.
Throat Chakra By your thyroid glands Blue Upper lungs, arms, digestive tract Self-expression, Communication assertiveness
  • I am now becoming more assertive
  • I now have the courage to say whatever I need to say
  • I have courage to set my boundaries and to speak my truth
  • I am very grateful
Heart Chakra Centre of your chest Pink and green Heart, lungs and circulation Love, peace, compassion, forgiveness
  • I am greatly loved
  • I easily give and receive love
  • I am nourished by the power of love
  • I am at one with the peace of my own heart
Solar Plexus Just above your navel Yellow Stomach, liver, gall bladder, Intestines, nervous system, spleen Power, strength, self-confidence
  • I deeply love and approve of who I am
  • I respect myself at all times
  • I believe in myself and I trust in my abilities
  • I learn from everything I do
Sacral Chakra Just below your navel Orange Reproductive system, kidneys, sexual organs prostrate Vitality, enjoyment of life Connecting you with your soul’s purpose
  • I now have the courage to accept the Divine Plan for me on earth.
  • My soul’s contract.
  • My life’s mission.
  • I now have the courage to do whatever I want to do and, to be the person
  • I would truly like to be
Root Chakra Sits at the base of your spine Red Bladder, genitals, spine, kidneys, teeth nails, bones Life force Stability Healing negative thoughts and habits from childhood
  • I am in radiant health
  • I am secure
  • I accept good into my life
  • Money flows easily and freely to me

Balance & Heal your Chakras

Having your Chakras healed and balanced regularly can transform your life by clearing out and enlivening your vital energy centres. This is a direct way to heal ourselves on all levels of our being – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. This facilitates awakening to the Truth of who you are and floods your entire energy field with wellbeing. 

Physical Benefits

  • Relieve physical pain, illness, discomfort and health problems
  • Help reduce blood pressure
  • Boost the immune system
  • Eliminate insomnia and sleep disorders
  • Reduce side effects of conventional medical treatments
  • Accelerate the physical body’s self-healing abilities
  • Assist the body to detoxify and eliminate toxins
  • Help the body to recover after surgery, chemotherapy & radiation
  • Relieve menopause symptoms and women’s health problems
  • Assist healing of broken bones and wounds

Spiritual Benefits

  • Cleanse, balance and open all major chakras (energy centres)
  • Remove energy blockages and stagnant energies
  • Receive guidance and spiritual insight into difficult situations
  • Charges and energizes your body’s energy centres
  • Cleanse and repair your auric field
  • Raise the energetic vibrational frequency of your body
  • Advance spirituality and support spiritual growth
  • Correct the energetic flow of your endocrine system
  • Balance Yin and Yang


  • Eliminate years of emotional baggage
  • Attract loving and satisfying relationships
  • Communicate effectively & openly
  • Improve your current relationships

Business, Career and Finance Benefits

  • Clear obstacles holding you back in your business and career
  • Help attract more abundance and prosperity into your life – Become a money magnet
  • Become driven to take action on your dreams and goals

*Results are on an individual basis and are unique to the person receiving the healing energy.

“Trust your instincts like I did and attend Patricia’s Reiki Workshops – you will be glad you did. Reiki completely changed my life for the better.
I am much more confident and relaxed now. Patricia is a Brilliant Teacher”.

Balance and Heal your Chakras – 1 hour €50

Book Patricia’s Reiki Level 1 Workshop now and you will learn how to balance and heal your Chakras.



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Griffith College, 25 Wolfe Tone Street, Dublin 1

You will love studying Reiki in the very modern and quiet Griffith College which is right in the centre of Dublin.

The College is easily accessible by public transport with the Red and Green Luas lines just minutes away, and is well-served by the buses that stop on O’Connell Street and the quays along the River Liffey.  Dublin bikes is on our doorstep. For car users you can park in parkrite carpark on Parnell Street and get your ticket validated in College (€10 per day).

There is a lovely canteen.  You can bring in your own lunch or if you wish you can go out for lunch.  Students usually love to stay in for lunch and have great banter in the canteen during lunchtime.  There is always a very happy and relaxed atmosphere in all of Patricia’s Workshops.  Look forward to making new likeminded friends.

There are lots of restaurants and coffee shops nearby.

Patricia supplies tea/coffee and biscuits for morning breaks.

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