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Patricia is Ireland’s BEST KNOWN REIKI AND ANGEL TEACHER. She is a very experienced teacher in many areas for the past 37 years. Patricia has the fundamental belief that life is for living and not existing. Through the practice of Reiki, she empowers others to take control and heal their lives. She will help you create a life that is worth jumping out of bed for!

She has trained thousands of Students from all over Ireland, Europe and US. Many of them have also set up their own Reiki Business – both practicing and/or teaching Reiki.

She is delighted that the majority of her Reiki incl Healing with the Angel Workshops fill up through word of mouth – referrals from all her happy past students. There is always a very happy and relaxed atmosphere in all her Reiki Workshops. Many of her Students are friends for over 20 years.

She is very friendly and passionate about her work as a Reiki Teacher and Therapist. She looks forward to sharing this passion with you by teaching you all about Reiki and the positive influence it can have on your life and that of others. You can also receive a Private Reiki Healing.

With Patricia’s guidance, Reiki will easily and naturally become a part of you.

Many people do not realize that confidence and self-esteem is the key to unlocking their goals. When you understand how your mind works, you get to take your control back.

Having low self-esteem can knock your confidence and underpins every single area of your life.

Do you ever find it challenging to speak up and prioritize your own needs, wants, and feelings, and often feel bad about having “more”?

Do you often end up saying, “I’m sorry,” or feeling guilty for everyday actions?

Do you prefer to stay on the side lines, not wanting to “rock the boat,” and have a lack of personal boundaries?

Whatever you resonate with, when you have low self-esteem, your confidence can take a complete nosedive. You may not even realize it, but having a strong sense of self-esteem is essential because it heavily influences all your choices and decisions, and impacts everything from your relationships to your career.

At times, low self-esteem can feel crushing—and can stop you from living a full life.

Reiki in Dublin with Reiki Master, Patricia Loughlin, 37 years teaching experience

Patricia first came in contact with Reiki in the nineties, at the time of the breakup of her marriage. Her confidence was very low and she was always worrying, anxious and stressed. She also suffered from severe migraines.

She decided to give Reiki a try as she was really fed up of “talking about her problems”. Her Reiki Practitioner was very welcoming. She asked her to lie on a massage table and placed a light blanket over her. The room was very warm and peaceful – there was relaxing music playing in the background and a scented candle lit.

As her Reiki Practitioner placed her hands gently on her chakras, (chakras are “energy centres” on the body which receive, transmit and transform the Reiki Energy), Patricia could feel wave after wave of healing energy pulsate through her. Her hands and feet began to tingle and her stomach was rumbling – this is a sign that the treatment is working.

After just 4 Reiki Treatments Patricia felt her confidence grow enormously – and she hasn’t had a migraine since. She was so excited that such a simple hands-on healing therapy such as Reiki could be so powerful that she immediately went on to learn Reiki and become a Reiki Therapist and Teacher.

Over the past few years, she has seen a huge increase in both men and women attending her Reiki Workshops to learn Reiki so that they can continue to do Reiki Self-Healing every day. They also learn how to do Reiki Healings on family, friends, clients and students.

Patricia believes WELLNESS WITH REIKI is the way of the Future. More and more people are NOW focusing on their HEALTH and WELLBEING. They are NOT just waiting until they get sick to see a doctor or admitted to Hospital. The general public are constantly searching for natural methods of treating all types of ailments and promoting a healthier lifestyle. They are turning with ever-increasing interest to Reiki as part of taking care of their health and well-being

Reiki is a very powerful, safe and natural Healing Energy.

Patricia is a Professional Member of the Reiki Federation of Ireland. She teaches ALL her Reiki Workshops according to the strict Guidelines set out by the Reiki Federation of Ireland and the Department of Health.

She teaches all her Reiki Workshops in the beautiful Griffith College, Dublin 1 – up to 30 per year.

“I choose Patricia Loughlin to be my Reiki Teacher because she has 37 years Teaching Experience and is very highly qualified as a Psychotherapist, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Trainer of NLP and Master Angel Teacher. She has trained with some of the “BEST TEACHERS” in the world – Richard Bandler and Tony Robbins”. Brenda, Author & Teacher

“Trust your instincts like I did and attend Patricia’s Reiki Workshops – you will be glad you did. Reiki completely changed my life for the better.
I am much more confident and relaxed now. Patricia is a Brilliant Teacher”.


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