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Reiki Therapy is not new to the world. People are resorting to different energy healings for thousands of years, and while these practices are becoming extinct, some of them are still surviving due to their effectiveness.

One such energy healing is Reiki Therapy. This is a Japanese natural healing therapy that’s been passed on for hundreds of years.

Reiki Healings are becoming a very popular healing therapy as more and more people are receiving great benefits from it.

about reiki

What is Reiki Therapy - You will learn ALL About Reiki here

Reiki Therapy is an ancient very powerful, deeply relaxing and very often life changing healing therapy. A therapeutic touch healing therapy. You can also choose to have non touch healing. Reiki Healings enhances the body’s own innate ability to heal itself on all levels. Reiki is a physical therapy, emotion focused therapy, mental therapy and is also for spiritual healing. It helps restore balance and harmony to the mindbody and spirit.

The energy involved in Reiki healing is the universal life force energy that surrounds all life. Reiki Healing Energy is used throughout the world by people of all creeds and belief systems. Reiki can benefit everyone. The public search more and more for a Reiki Healer to help them with their health and wellbeing..

Learn all about Reiki and how does Reiki Therapy work?

We all have an energy field (aura) surrounding our Body. As we go through life, we place demands on our energy field (aura).

During Reiki Healings, your energy field (aura) can re-energise.  Reiki Healings restore the natural balance of your body, providing deep relaxation and bringing you a sense of peace and wellbeing.

It is called universal life force energy because it draws upon the healing energy of the universe rather than the energy of the practitioner.

How Reiki Therapy manages to do this is still a mystery, but recent developments suggest that this happens because Reiki Healings can calm our biofield.

The biofield is a medical term, and it refers to the vibrational energy that each of our bodies have. The presence of biofield hasn’t been proven yet, because we still lack advanced technology that can prove this. However, the healing traditions from different cultures are being carried out by targeting this vibrational layer for thousands of years, and the effectiveness of Reiki only proves the existence of it.

Patricia is a Reiki Healer, Reiki Master and Teacher. She has been professionally trained to channel the Reiki Energy. She is a Professional Member of the Reiki Federation of Ireland. She has 37 years teaching experience.

Reiki Therapy will pass through clothing, bandages, plaster casts or braces so anyone can avail of a Reiki Treatment.

The reported Benefits of Reiki:

  • Boost the immune system
  • Reduce Stress
  • Increase energy
  • Promote relaxation
  • Improve focus and clarity of mind.
  • Enhance self esteem
  • Help with the grieving process – death, divorce, losing your job, your home
  • Complements other therapies
  • Accelerate the healing process after injuries and surgery
  • Benefit chronic and acute medical conditions
  • Help to maintain health and wellbeing
  • Mind and Body Healing

Reiki Therapy can be of great benefit for a broad range of conditions. It is used as a complement to conventional therapies.

Some people who have migraine, asthma, skin conditions, ulcers, orthopaedic injuries and arthritis have noted improvements in their health.

It has also supported some people who have various forms of cancer and other types of serious health conditions.

The gentle Reiki energy is also effective in calming the mind and has helped many with anxiety and depression.

Reiki is a great support in helping people deal with normal day to day issues in a relaxed way.

People may find that after Reiki they cope better with life issues and their energy is not depleted along the way. People with low self-esteem and poor self-confidence levels have also noted remarkable differences following treatments. Reiki is something that pregnant women can use and can be a great support during child birth. Some maternity hospitals now offer Reiki as a complementary form of therapy.

About Reiki Therapy and what happens during a Reiki Healing

Reasons people have Reiki Treatments

  • To increase their energy and vitality levels
  • To improve health and well-being
  • To reduce stress
  • To help during times of change
  • To be supported in times of bereavement
  • To accelerate the healing process after surgery
  • As a method of preventative health care and health maintenance
  • To treat oneself to a deeply relaxing treatment
  • To reduce Pain
  • To increase confidence and self-esteem

A Reiki Treatment is a deeply relaxing holistic treatment. Your Reiki Practitioner will complete a client consultation form with you and explain all about Reiki. The client always remains fully clothed during a Reiki Treatment.

The Reiki Therapy Practitioner will gently place their Healing Hands on or over energy centres on the body called Chakras but not the Root Chakra or the breasts.  The Reiki Healer channels universal life energy to you, the Client. The Reiki Energy you receive is not the Reiki Healers own energy.

The Reiki Practitioner has been trained in Reiki Level 1, Reiki Level 2, & Advanced Reiki Practitioners Course how to facilitate the flow of this energy to you during your Reiki Treatment. They receive a Reiki Attunement during these Reiki Therapy Courses in Dublin.

Generally, you can feel a deep sense of relaxation, heat, tingling, coolness and energy flowing during a Reiki Healing. Reiki Therapy will flow to where your body needs it. You may go into a deep relaxed state during your Reiki Healing. Usually, a Reiki Treatment lasts one hour. Someone who has a chronic condition is usually advised to have a weekly Reiki Treatment for four to six weeks for the energy to build up in their mindbody.

The Healing can then be reviewed by you and your practitioner. Reiki Healings enhances your body’s own innate ability to heal itself on all levels. Reiki is a physical therapy, emotion focused therapy, mental therapy and is also for spiritual healing. It helps restore balance and harmony to your mindbody and spirit.

People who want relief from an acute condition or an acute exacerbation of an existing condition may notice results quicker than a person presenting with a chronic condition. They may feel an improvement in their condition after just 2 Reiki Healings.

It is highly recommended to have Reiki Treatments to maintain health when you are well.

Reiki for Stress and Anxiety

As Reiki Therapy helps to boost your immune system and reduce stress and anxiety, regular Reiki Treatments are a great way to maintain your health. A Reiki Treatment every now and again is a lovely way of not just treating yourself, but being healthier and happier


As you can see, Reiki is very beneficial, but it needs to be done right to reap those benefits. It is highly recommended you visit a Professional Reiki Practitioner/Reiki Healer for a proper Reiki Healing.

Patricia is a Professional Member of the Reiki Federation of Ireland and has 37 years teaching experience

What is Intuitive Healing?

The word Reiki comes from the Japanese words “Rei” and “Ki”. Here, Rei means “own intelligence”, and Ki means life energy. Reiki Energy Healing knows exactly where the recipient needs it. It will always flow in the direction that’s beneficial for the recipient.

Can I Do Reiki on Myself?

In First Degree Reiki – Reiki Level 1.  You will be Attuned to Reiki and you will learn all the Hand Positions to Reiki Healing on yourself.  I highly recommend Reiki Students do at least 15 minutes Reiki Self-Healing every day.

  • Set aside some time for practicing Reiki. You don’t need more than 15 minutes in the beginning but try to maintain the schedule and perform the process every day.
  • Find a quiet space in your home that’ll be comfortable for performing Self-Reiki. Play soft music to help you relax more quickly.
  • Try to ensure that you’re the only person in the room while performing Reiki.
What are the Reiki Hand Positions?

The Reiki hand positions allow you to concentrate your Reiki energy on the chakra points so that the entire biofield can vibrate in the same frequency. It’s important to perform all the different hand signs so that all the chakra points of your body receive Reiki.

Position 1:

Place your hands together in a praying position and place them in the middle of your chest. Don’t press the fingers tightly but place them gently on each other. Focus on your breathing and do this for two minutes.

Position 2 – Crown Chakra

Place both of your hands on the top of your head. Don’t place them vertically but place them across your head so that they cover from your ears to the middle of your head. The tip of the fingers will lie at the middle of your head and they will touch each other.

This position will relax the scalp on your head, and you need to maintain this position for two minutes.

Position 3 – Third Eye Chakra:

Place your Hands on your Third Eye Chakra which is in the middle of your forehead.

Position 4 – Throat Chakra

Cup your hands very gently around your Throat Chakra.

Position 5 – Heart Chakra

You Heart Chakra is in the centre of your chest.

Position 6 – Solar Plexus

Place your Hands on your Solar Plexus Chakra which is just up your navel.

Position 7 – Sacral Chakra

Place your Hands on your Sacral Chakra which is just below your naval.

Position 8 – Root Chakra

Place your Hands over your Root Chakra which is just below the Sacral Chakra.

(base of your Spine).
Is Reiki a Religion?

No, Reiki is not a religion. Reiki is just a healing technique, and it isn’t based on any faith. Dr Usui who founded Reiki wanted Reiki to be open to everyone. Your faith in Reiki and your religion can co-exist in harmony.

Is Reiki Good for You?

A lot of people have been asking whether Reiki is good for them or not. Reiki is mostly known for its ability to enable a deep sense of relaxation and for promoting healing. It’s seen that consecutive sessions of Reiki can help a person heal faster, and it can help even when other concurrent and mainstream medical approaches are failing.

However, patients who have received Reiki have reported that Reiki makes them feel better. Reiki is also known to have a great effect on treating depression and anxiety, as it can relax the mind.

Is Reiki Harmful?

Reiki is a non-invasive practice with no harmful side-effects. While not intended to replace any traditional medicine, it can be used to supplement a doctor-approved treatment plan to further lessen symptoms and promote greater wellbeing.

Do you require any equipment to practice Reiki?

Unlike other healing practices like acupressure and acupuncture, Reiki doesn’t require any equipment. A Reiki practitioner is capable of channeling the inner energy of a recipient using their hands only.

Can you lose Reiki?

The knowledge and skills learned for practicing Reiki are never lost. A person needs only three degrees for mastering Reiki, and the skills and effectiveness will stay with that person for the rest of his/her life.

Is Reiki a Religion?

Reiki doesn’t depend on any religion. It doesn’t matter what your religion or belief is when you’re receiving Reiki. As long as you seek relaxation and healing, it will benefit you.

What is the History of Reiki?

The history of Reiki is just as interesting as the techniques, and it is just as important to learn. In this section, we’ll discuss the history of Reiki in brief.

A gentleman by the name of Dr Mikao Usui introduced the healing art we call Reiki to Japan toward the end of the 18th century. He was not a medical doctor. To his students he was called Usui-Sensei, which means teacher. He held a great interest in medicine and healing techniques, and throughout his life, he learned tons of different techniques. His main goal was to find a healing technique that wouldn’t be bound by any religion or belief. This is how he came across Reiki, which is considered a universal healing technique.

While searching for a universal solution to healing, Dr Usui meditated, fasted, and prayed for 21 days on Mount Kurama.. On the 21st day, he was studying Sanskrit texts and came across certain ancient symbols that paved the way to Reiki.

After he had perfected the techniques of Reiki, he opened a small clinic in Kyoto where he simultaneously healed patients and spread the techniques of Reiki. Before his death, Mikao Usui taught the art of Reiki to Dr. Chujiro Hayashi who later set up his own Reiki clinic in Tokyo.

He is credited for improving Reiki further. He came up with hand positions that cover the entire body, and this makes the healing sessions much more comprehensive. It was at this time that Reiki started spreading across Japan. Dr. Hayashi taught some more Reiki masters who later set up their clinics.

In his time, he once healed a Japanese-American woman named Hawayo Takata. Mrs. Takata was skeptical about this technique at first, but she started believing in the power of Reiki when she started healing from cancer that required surgery.

Later on, she started learning Reiki herself, and she started healing after she had moved to the United States. This had spread Reiki across the world.

How long does a Reiki Session last?

There is no set of rules for how long a Reiki Session will last. It can last 15mins up to 90 minutes.

How to choose a Reiki Practitioner that is right for you?

Choosing a Reiki Practitioner that is right for you is very important. I highly recommend you visit a “Profession Reiki Practitioner” as you’ll be sure they have been properly trained. One thing you want to ensure is that you must be comfortable with the person from whom you’ll receive the therapy from. When looking for a practitioner, you must look for a person who’ll describe and explain the entire session to you first. A person who will walk you through the session will provide a much more fulfilling Reiki therapy, as you’ll know what to expect.

Many Reiki Practitioner work from their homes or from a holistic centre. Performing Reiki in a place that’s quiet and without any disturbance is highly recommended. A lot of practitioners prefer using soft music for cancelling the ambient noise.

I recommend reading their website and trust your instincts.

Is it necessary to remove clothing during a Reiki Session?

Reiki can pass through clothes and barriers, which is why you won’t have to remove your clothes while receiving Reiki.

Reiki Techniques:

While Reiki doesn’t require any equipment, some Practitioners can use chakra wands and crystals, as these are much more effective at interacting with the chakras in different ways.

How many levels are there to the Reiki Therapy Training?

There are three main levels of Reiki training. Anyone can learn Reiki, but they need to learn these three steps to master it. Let’s take a look at the three degrees of Reiki.

reiki level 1

First Degree – Reiki Level 1

The first degree of Reiki Therapy is where the students will study the history of Reiki. You’ll learn how to perform Reiki on yourself and others. This will help you learn the very basic techniques of Reiki, and you’ll carry those throughout your life. This Reiki 1 Workshop focuses on self-healing. Students become a channel for the Reiki energy. You will learn about the History of Reiki.

You will learn all the Hand Positions to do Reiki Healings on yourself, family and friends.

You will learn how to balance and heal your 7 Chakras

You will learn how to cleanse and heal your Aura

Second Degree – Reiki Level 2

This very powerful, deeply relaxing and very informative Reiki 2 Workshop is suited to those who wish to continue using Reiki for their own personal holistic healing journey.

Becoming attuned to Reiki Therapy Second Degree will further unlock the full potential of the Reiki energy - up to 4 times stronger - to greatly accelerate your own and other healings.

You will be taught the Reiki Sacred Symbols and their Mantras - each of which has its own unique Healing Energy together with a range of special techniques

Full revision of Reiki Level 1 – 12 Reiki Hand positions to do Reiki Healings on yourself, family, friends. Revise how to balance and heal the Chakras using Reiki Symbols.

DISTANT HEALING – one of the greatest gifts that comes with the SECOND DEGREE REIKI ATTUNEMENT is the ability to perform REIKI HEALING on friends/ family/clients that are living at a distance – in another country etc. It can be used to send new and positive thought patterns to anyone anywhere with the same effectiveness as if that person was with you in person.

Third Degree – Reiki Level 3/Masters

The Course Content of this Reiki 3/Mastership Workshop more than meets the guidelines of the Reiki Training required by Reiki Federation of Ireland.

This Very Powerful, Informative Reiki 3/Mastership Workshop is suited to those who wish to continue using Reiki for their own Personal Holistic Healing Journey. Becoming attuned to the Master Reiki symbol will unlock the full potential of the Reiki Energy (6 TIMES MORE POWERFUL) to greatly empower your own personal healing.

  • You will be attuned to receive Reiki Energy Level 3/Mastership
  • You will be taught the Master Symbol. This is a key to unlock the full potential of the Reiki Energy which will greatly empower your own personal healing.
  • You will learn how to attune Reiki students, friends and family to the Reiki Energy – Levels 1, Level 2 and Level 3/Mastership.
  • Reiki Practitioners who do not wish to teach Reiki will be able to attune their Reiki clients, family and friends to the Reiki Energy Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 on a private basis.
  • Reiki practitioners who include Reiki Attunements as part of a Reiki Healing will find that the healing process will be accelerated.  Their clients can Reiki themselves in between Reiki Treatments with you – thus empowering them to take an active role in their own personal healing journey.
  • You will be taught how to teach Reiki Level 1, Reiki Level 2 and Reiki Level 3/Mastership Workshops.
  • Full Revision of Reiki 1 and Reiki 2 Workshops – History Of Reiki, Chakras Etc and all the hand positions for giving a full Reiki treatment will also be covered.
  • Those who want to use Reiki on a business level as well as a personal level. You will learn a wide range of additional techniques and symbols to offer to potential clients.
  • Students will also be given instruction on how to run a successful Reiki Business.
  • The importance of Reiki Consultation Forms is discussed.
  • The professional way to fill in a Consultation Form with a client is outlined and practiced.
  • Guidelines on how to deal with Reiki clients are discussed. Much time is devoted to students role playing Client/Practitioner situations

Advanced Reiki Practitioner Training

In this Advanced Practitioner Reiki Workshop, you will learn how to set up your own Reiki Business and be registered on the Reiki Federation of Ireland’s website as a “Professional Reiki Practitioner”.

Students attend this Workshop because they are amazed with the powerful changes attending Reiki Level 1 and Reiki Level 2 have brought into their life.  They now want to learn to set up their own Reiki Business and pass on this gift to the public.  They too believe, “WELLNESS WITH REIKI” is the way of the future.

“I love Patricia’s Workshops.  They have really inspired me to continue with Reiki and now I want to set up my own Reiki Business.  Patricia is very generous with her knowledge.  She wants us to be as successful as she is”. Gillian, Nurse

You will learn everything you need to know to set up your own Reiki Business and get paid for doing Reiki Treatments on the Public.

You will receive an Attunement which will raise the vibration of your Heart, Throat, Third Eye and Crown Chakras.

Full revision of Reiki level 1 and Reiki level 2 – history of reiki, healing and balancing the chakras, aura etc. and all the hand positions for giving a full Reiki Treatment will also be revised using the 12 Sacred Symbols.

Revision of Distant Reiki Healing using the 12 Sacred Symbols.

You will Revise a wide range of additional techniques and Symbols to offer to potential clients.

What does it take to be an excellent Reiki Practitioner?

If you go to a Therapist of any kind, what sort of experience do you hope you will have and how do you want to be treated?  Whatever your answer is, that is what it takes to be an excellent REIKI PRACTITIONER.

It means that you need to be a very good listener, have an understanding and caring nature, be empathetic and sympathetic with people and treat them with respect but also be knowledgeable, confident and firm enough to command their respect.  Great emphasis will be put on building your self confidence in this Reiki Workshop.

Students will also be given instruction on how to run a successful Reiki Business.

The importance of Client Consultation Forms are discussed and student’s role play Client/Practitioner and vice versa.

The professional way to fill in a Consultation Form with a client is outlined. During this workshop, you will get lots of practice doing case studies on your fellow students.

Guidelines on how to deal with Reiki Clients are discussed.

Patricia will role play with her students the different scenarios that could arise with clients.  For example how to cope with any emotional release which can be one of the side effects of a Reiki Treatment.

Patricia will give you personal feedback on your professionalism during role play – how you answer the phone, make appointments, how you deal with different clients.

  • Evaluating and reviewing the Reiki Treatment Programme
  • Recording client’s feedback and experience, detailing how the client felt during and after the treatment
  • Results of treatment
  • Details of how the therapist conducted the treatment
  • Details of home care advice given to clients
  • Reflective practice – students should reflect on their own professional practice and learning outcomes of each case study

You will then have full confidence to complete the 16 case studies which you will be required to do on completion of this workshop.  This is a requirement of the Reiki Federation of Ireland.

Case Studies: (minimum 16 hours – i.e. 4 Reiki Treatments on 4 Clients or 2 Reiki Treatments on 8 Clients.  It is completely up to you.

Doing the Case Studies may well be the start of your own Reiki Business.  You may find your friends attend initially and then they recommend you to their friends and neighbours etc. There you are – your diary is filling up – yay.

  • Guidelines on malpractice insurance are also given.
  • Guidance on filling a Reiki Federation of Ireland Registration Form.
  • Guidance on Reiki in Hospitals, Hospices, Nursing Homes, Secondary Schools, Business Organisations.
  • The corporate world is more and more focusing on Wellness and are bringing in Reiki Practitioners to do Reiki Treatments on staff during their Wellness Week.

Business Awareness

Students will also be given instruction on how to run a successful Reiki Business

Gaining practice and experience

Where to set up your Practice

Setting up costs and legal responsibilities

Getting your Treatment Room ready

Marketing Your Business

Advertising, Newspapers, Radio, Talks, Publicity Materials, Other Publicity.

You will be given guidance on how to design your own business cards, flyers and emails using powerful marketing content to effectively promote your REIKI BUSINESS.


Many Reiki Practitioners get very bothered by charging for their Reiki Treatments.  You will learn about Prosperity and the importance of charging.  The first time you ask for money can feel a bit strange but you will have much more confidence in charging a good rate for your Reiki Treatments after this Workshop.

Health & Safety & Fire Regulations

  • Fire prevention and Fire Regulations
  • Types of firefighting equipment required in the workplace
  • Health & Safety Statement

The training you receive in this Reiki Workshop will help you in every area of your life.  Students often find that they get promoted at work or even apply for a new job after attending Patricia’s Reiki Workshops.

The relationship between the power of your mind and your physical health.

How your thoughts influence the flow of energy

The science of how Reiki Healing restores balance to your health.

Patricia is also a Psychotherapist, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Licensed Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming.  She puts great emphasis on helping students to continue to build their self-confidence and to feel really good about themselves.  She will teach you some of the techniques she learned when she trained with 2 of the best teachers in the world – Richard Bandler and Tony Robbins.  She uses her skills to give you access to some of the most effective confidence strategies, which will change the quality of your personal and professional life beyond all recognition.  She will help you become the ultimate confident person you deserve to be.

You will feel very empowered and enthusiastic about becoming a Professional Reiki Practitioner and setting up your own successful Reiki Business after this Workshop.

“Patricia’s Reiki Workshops are always very friendly and relaxed”


“At any moment, the decision you make can change the course of your life forever. Make the right move… INVEST IN YOU –


“Trust your instincts like I did and attend Patricia’s Reiki Workshops – you will be glad you did. Reiki completely changed my life for the better.
I am much more confident and relaxed now. Patricia is a Brilliant Teacher”.


Reiki & Neuro Linguistic Programming – 1 hour €60>

Reiki & Hypnotherapy – 1 hour €60

Reiki & Angel Healing – 1 hour €60

Counselling/Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for
Relationships, Stress, Confidence, Phobias
1 hour €60



Email –


Griffith College, 25 Wolfe Tone Street, Dublin 1

You will love studying Reiki in the very modern and quiet Griffith College which is right in the centre of Dublin.

The College is easily accessible by public transport with the Red and Green Luas lines just minutes away, and is well-served by the buses that stop on O’Connell Street and the quays along the River Liffey.  Dublin bikes is on our doorstep. For car users you can park in parkrite carpark on Parnell Street and get your ticket validated in College (€10 per day).

There is a lovely canteen.  You can bring in your own lunch or if you wish you can go out for lunch.  Students usually love to stay in for lunch and have great banter in the canteen during lunchtime.  There is always a very happy and relaxed atmosphere in all of Patricia’s Workshops.  Look forward to making new likeminded friends.

There are lots of restaurants and coffee shops nearby.

Patricia supplies tea/coffee and biscuits for morning breaks.

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