Reiki in Dublin

I have had a throat problem for the last 18 months. I have been attending the hospital. I have also suffered from really bad headaches on a daily basis for as far back as I can remember. I was taking strong tablets to try and stop the pain. They rarely worked.

I went to Patricia Loughlin for a few sessions of Reiki with a totally open mind.

I can’ say I had great hope of anything been achieved but I felt I had nothing to lose. The following has happened:-

I recently went back to the hospital. The doctor treating me was new to my case. He, first of all, looked at my file and then carried out some tests on my throat. He said that the granulomas on my throat seemed to have disappeared completely.

I have not taken a strong tablet for my headaches in months now. That really is a miracle.

My stress level is also improved.
I would and indeed have recommended Patricia Loughlin to other people. I am really happy that I went and received such outstanding results. …..

Paul C

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