Reiki in Dublin

I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1980. I have been a patient of 3 Neurologists over the last 40 years. They did all the necessary tests and said they could not help or offer any treatment.

I can only share my experience of Reiki with you. Patricia Loughlin came to my home in March 2003. I was very sceptical and reluctantly agreed to have Reiki.

Health Improvements following Reiki

1 Trips to the bathroom at night reduced from at least 9 to 1

2 I have become much more positive – my humour is greatly improved

3 I am now able to use an exercise bike and walk 100 metres.

4 I regularly had headaches. I cannot remember when I last had one.

5 My memory has improved – I have less problems conducting a conversation

My life and the life of my family have been transformed thanks to Patricia Loughlin and her Reiki Treatments.

My Neurologist tells me to continue what I am doing because its working for me……

Angela K

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